I’m off to Finland

meeko goes finland

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland in 2017, I’ve decided to move to Finland.

That’s not actually the full reason, but sounds impressive.

I’ve been in Sheffield for 6 years now, and feel like it’s time for a change. I’m not sure what I end up doing, or where I end up going, but seeing my family a bit more regularly is definitely a thing I’m looking forward to.

In terms of business, I’ll still be here, and I’ll still be available in both UK and Finland (and elsewhere, if needed). Just drop me a line or send me a tweet or two!

I’m also looking for a graphic design job in Tampere region. If you know anything, let me know

There will be a party, I’m sure. I’ll just have to arrange something! Watch this space…….

Also, I’ll be selling a lot of my stuff. If you need anything, let me know 😁